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LW Scientific Centrifuges Australia

See LW Scientific Centrifuges Australia    

LW Scientific has the benchtop/table-top centrifuge range covered for all your types - including, micro centrifuge, haematocrit centrifuge, portable centrifuge, blood centrifuge, medical centrifuge, combination centrifuge. These centrifuges offer great value for veterinarians, clinics, doctors offices, hospitals, research and pathology labs. Review the entire LW Centrifuge range supplied and supported at GrayMed Australia.

LW Scientific Haematocrit centrifuges include the ever popular ZIPocrit. Very popular with vets. The ZIPocrit 4 place hematocrit centrifuge is powered by a mainenance free brushless motor and is light and portable, can be used and operated in your vehicle with a 12 Volt cigarette plug. The LW Scientific M24 Haematocrit centrifuge is designed for use in the laboratory and spins up to 24 capillary tubes in less than five minutes as 12,000 rpm. The Combo V24 is a general purpose test tube centrifuge that also doubles up as a haematocrit centrifuge capable of 24 test tubes or capillary tubes.

The new LW Scientific E8 "made in USA" centrifuge is now available in Australia. With 3 model variants available it is available to fit any budget. Fitted with a 12 Volt DC maintenance free motor the new E8 is an ever popular choice for small labs and doctors offices.

The new LW Scientific Universal centrifuge also wears the "Made in USA" monika. This centrifuge comes in flavours with an 8 place fixed angle rotor it is ideal for spinning blood, urine and other fluids at accurate speed for specific g-force. This centrifuge is also available in a 6 place swing out rotor configuration, allowing you to spin samples at up to 1840g. The LW Scientific Universal centrifuge is whisper quiet, see the video here.

See our microhaematocrit centrifuge range. Alternate spelling: micro hematocrit centrifuge  

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