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LW Scientific Lab Equipment Australia

See LW Scientific Lab Equipment Australia

LW Scientific offer a range of laboratory equipment including vortex mixers, digital rotators, differential cell counters and more.

One of LW's best sellers is the LW Scientific Digital Cell Counter which uses modern technology for simple and accurate blood cell counts. For your convenience and accuracy this unit has eight buttons labeled with the cell names and pictures of the various cell types. Displays an instantaneous percentage count on the LCD panel at the touch of a button. LW Scientific also offer two manual differential cell counters, a five key and an eight key model.

Other LW Scientific lab equipment, includes the LW Turbo-Mixer, a great addition to any laboratory. This vortex mixer is ideal for quick and complete mixing of samples and comes with a cup or platform head for different sample container types. With a variable speed up to 3000 RPM it can be conveniently activated by pressure to the cup.

The LW Scientific Blood tube rocker is another popular lab equipment which gently rocks up to 16 tubes at a time. The gentle rocking motions ensures complete mixing without damage to fragile cell suspensions. Great for blood labs!

Another LW Scientific lab equipment is the Digital Rotator. This serology rotator is ideal for procedures that require rotation such as RPR, VDRL and latex tests. Designed for years of dependable service and space saving footprint, this instrument will prove invaluable for any busy laboratory.

Also available from LW Scientific is their Hemacytometer, designed for counting erythrocytes and leukocytes. This Haemocytometer has a "H" shaped moat, providing two counting areas and has Neubauer rulings which are visible through a wide range of illumination.

All of the above mentioned LW Scientific lab equipment products can be viewed and purchased on-line at GrayMed Australia. Free delivery is available Australia-wide.

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