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LW Scientific Microscopes Australia

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The LW Scientific microscope range is extensive and delivers "professional grade" quality microscopes across the usage spectrum, from student or hobbyist up to the most discriminating laboratory technicians and specialists. The entire range of LW Scientific microscopes are now available from GrayMed Australia.

Standard microscopes from LW Scientific include the Student Pro, Revelation III, i4 Infinity and Mi5 Labscope range.

The Student Pro monocular microscope is a popular low cost entry level professional grade scope, ideal for students or teachers. It includes may of the features you would expect to find in any quality laboratory microscope.

The Revelation III from LW Scientific is a best seller into physician and veterinarian clinics as well as universities and medical schools. It comes standard with LED illumination and is available with 4 objectives in monocular, binocular, trinocular and dual binocular (for teaching) forms, the Revelation III is the right choice for superior performance at great value.

The LW Scientific i4 Infinity series microscopes feature exception optical quality and expandability for high performance in the lab. They come standard with LED illumination and are available with 4 Infinity Plan or Semi Plan objectives in standard binocular or trinocular format. The i4 Infinity features a rotating head to adjust the height for taller users. The i4 is the perfect choice for durability, dependability and superior imaging in the laboratory.

The Mi5 Labscope series from LW Scientific is the most advanced medical/biological compound light microscope in the range. The Mi5 was developed for a broad range of applications from routine research and lab inspections to more specialised applications such as pathology, cytology, oncology, haematology and gynecology. It comes standard with LED illumination and 5 Infinity Plan objectives. Available in binocular, dual head binocular or trinocular format. A number of advanced options including, phase contrast objectives, Darkfield, Epi-fluorescence and Flip-out bright field condenser for Pathology are also available.

Specialist microscopes from LW Scientific include, the i4 semen evaluation scope, and the Mi5 Polarizing Binocular microscope. LW Scientific also offer excellent microscope video camera options that work with their own microscopes and most other brands.

LW Scientific are particularly proud of their innovative developments in the field of Epi-Fluorescence. With their ground breaking Epi-Fluorescence modules the diagnosis of diseases like TB, malaria and rabies is now affordable and accessible to existing owners of Nikon, Zeiss, Olympus and LW Scientific i4 and Mi5 microscopes.

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