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Awareness Technology - Laboratory Automation

Awareness Technology Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality, low cost, laboratory automation products and is known worldwide as a leader in automated and semi-automated analyser instruments for small to medium sized labs.

They offer a range of biochemistry analysers with the quality and reliability needed across a range of industrial and clinical applications. 



Featured here is the ChemWell®-T Automated Chemistry Analyser.


Affordable Automated Biochemistry for EVERY Laboratory




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Modern laboratories demand constantly improved lab productivity. Manual biochemistry testing systems are extremely labor intensive, require skilled lab technicians and are susceptible to human error. With the recent development of computer controlled robot pipetting systems, routine assay procedures can be automated and provide significant speed and reliability improvements.

These laboratory automation systems allow lab technicians to better perform, report on, and store a higher volume of analytical test data, resulting in large productivity gains for manufacturers and laboratories. With skilled laboratory personnel freed from performing monotonous tasks, they are released to better apply their skills to more productive tasks.

Until recently, instrument manufactures, have tended to produce automated analysers for large labs, with a high throughput of relatively specialised or restricted tests. These designs tend to be more closed in nature and expensive as a result. Small labs have been largely excluded from taking advantage of these advancements because of their lower throughput volumes and the high costs involved.

The ChemWell®-T is a fully automated open system analyser for conducting biochemistry and immuno-turbidimetric assays. The ChemWell®-T is specifically designed to meet the needs of lower throughput labs. The ChemWell®-T is an affordable low cost analyser ideal for use in the wine industry, food science, environmental testing and specialty labs. The ChemWell®-T is a completely open system with up to 35 sample/reagent positions. Build your own methods for EPA, Standard Methods, AOAC.

Servicing all areas of Australia: Sydney, NSW | Canberra, ACT | Melbourne, VIC | Hobart, TAS | Adelaide, SA | Perth, WA | Darwin, NT | Brisbane, QLD
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