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AT-ChemWell-T AT-ChemWell-T AT-ChemWell-T
Brand: Awareness Technology
Product Code: 4620
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Model/Variant: ChemWell-T 4620

Description: Automated Chemistry & Turbidimetric Analyzer (NB. Requires Windows Computer System not Provided)

Includes: Software and USB cable for computer connection. Cuvettes - Starter quantity supplied.

The ChemWell®-T is a fully automated, random access analyzer for biochemistry and immuno-turbidimetric assays, designed specifically to meet the needs of lower throughput labs, specialty labs, or to serve as a dependable backup analyzer. It is a PC controlled, random access, open system, optimised for quality, speed, reliability, and provides outstanding value from the day of purchase.

The ChemWell®-T performs biochemistry assays in 1 cm pathlength cuvette strips and being equipped with 35 combined reagent and sample positions, is capable of performing 40 tests without intervention a up to 100 tests per hour. Cuvettes are easy to load and unload and the "continuous loading" capability allows tests to continue with ease.

Flexible universal rack configurations, maximum of 5 positions, 5 segments provided with purchase. Use primary tubes, pediatric samples, serum vials, and calibrators, controls and reagents from your own containers.

ChemWell-T Features:

  • PC-controlled, user-programmable, open system using Windows based software with colourful graphics and prompts that guides the user step-by-step.
  • Full QC package provides tracking options for calibrators and controls.
  • Built-in performance monitoring of pipetting system, rack and cuvette movers and optical system.
  • Ability to program routine jobs, quality control, profiles and index calculations to suit your laboratory.
  • Automatic system checks and error messages.
  • Biochemistry & turbidimetric assays.
  • 6 wavelengths included, with option to add 2 more.
  • 100 tests per hour throughput.
  • Reaction volume < 250uL.
  • Liquid sensing probe tip.
  • Measures remaining volume.
  • Long life IAD filters.
  • Cuvettes automatically glide through the optical system for endpoint and kinetic reading.
  • 8 strips of 5 cuvettes each allows 40 reactions without intervention.
  • Delivers 5mL to 450mL with typical precision of 2% CV or better.
  • Automatic dilute and retest for out-of-range samples.
  • Built-in reagent cooling system and temperature controlled reactions.
  • Oscillates to mix.
  • Probe retracts safely upon contact with an obstacle.
  • Washes automatically.
  • Calculates and edits curves for a wide variety of endpoint and kinetic assays.
  • Custom report formatting, including laboratory name and logo, report by patient, by assay, or design history reports.
  • One year manufacturer's warranty and lifetime guarantee on optical filters.


ChemWell®-T GrayMed Brochure 


ChemWell®-T Specifications 

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