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LW Scientific Microscopes

Looking for a compound light microscope in Australia? Look no further. The LW Scientific microscope range is extensive and delivers "professional grade" quality scopes across the usage spectrum, from student or hobbyist up to the most discriminating lab technicians and specialists.

Review the entire range of scopes and video camera accessories supplied and supported at GrayMed Australia.

Student-PRO, Revelation-III, i4-Infinity, Mi5-LabScope, Mi5-Polarizer, i4-Semen-Evaluation, Z4 Zoom Stereomicroscope, BioVID-HD/SD, MiniVID-5.1MP-USB2

LW Scientific Microscope Range Comparison Chart

Student-PRO-EDM-MM4A-DAL3 Includes free delivery Australia-wide.

Taking the student scope to the next level - the Student Pro is ready for any teacher, student, or hobbyist that wants the "professional grade" in student scopes.

With our proven design the Student Pro includes many of the advanced features you would find on any quality laboratory microscope - built-in mechanical stage, heavy cast alloy, all metal gearing, moveable 1.25 ABBE condenser, and clear DIN objectives.

Accessories include a dust cover, blue and green filters, fuse, and spare bulb. The Student PRO will provide accurate, clear results on a student-friendly scope without sacrificing quality of observation.

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Revelation-III-R3M-BN4A-DAL3 Includes free delivery Australia-wide.

The LW Scientific Revelation III professional-grade microscope is a best-seller into physician and veterinarian clinics, as well as universities and medical schools.

The Revelation III now comes with LED illumination, for daylight colour, low heat, low power consumption and super-long bulb life (30,000).

Equipped for performance, its features include titanium-finished DIN Achromatic optics and a 30 year anti-fungal coating.

The Revelation III is the choice for superior performance at great value.

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i4-Infinity-I4M-BN4A-ISL3 Includes free delivery Australia-wide.

The LW Scientific i4 Infinity microscope features exceptional optical quality and expandability for top-notch performance in the lab.

Use the rotating head to adjust height for taller users. Infinity Plan and Semi-Plan optics with a 30-year anti-fungal coating match quality with value within any clinic's budget.

With cool, long-life LED illumination, the i4 Infinity microscope is the perfect choice for durability, dependability, and superior imaging in the laboratory.

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Mi5-M5M-B05A-IPL3 Includes free delivery Australia-wide.

The LW Scientific Mi5 LabScope has been developed for use in a broad range of applications, from research and lab inspections, to more specific healthcare applications such as pathology, cytology, oncology, haematology and gynecology.

Bright white LED illumination provides clarity and maintains constant colour temperature for most specimens.

Superior infinity optics and proven, ergonomic design make the Mi5 comfortable to use for extended periods of time. The Mi5 is equipped to ease the burden on the busiest and most discriminating lab technicians and specialists.

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Mi5-Polarizing-Binocular Microscope. Includes free delivery Australia-wide.

The Mi5 Polarizing LabScope is an essential tool for synovial fluid analysis.

Crystal-induced arthritis, such as gout or pseudogout, can be identified and differentiated with the use if the polarizing attachment and red compensator lens.

The Mi5 also functions as a flat-field, laboratory-grade microscope for routine cytology, haematology, urinalysis, etc.

This specialized system was designed to combine hi-resolution optics with functionality at an affordable price for rheumatologists, gemologists and more.

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i4-Semen Includes free delivery Australia-wide.

The LW Scientific i4-Semen Evaluation Microscope is perfect for veterinarians or fertility clinics.

It is the complete package for live specimen microscopy. Motility analysis should be performed at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit to keep sperm active, and the heated stage has a built-in digital temperature control unit which can be set for any temperature up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heated stage will maintain accurate and stable temperatures within +/- 0.3 degrees during observation. This microscope looks and functions like a standard laboratory-grade microscope when in brightfield configuration.

The Plan phase objectives and turret condenser allow flat-field, high-contrast viewing of live, unstained specimens, and easy magnification changes with the flip of the thumb.

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LW-Z4-Zoom-Stereo-Microscope Z4M-BZM7-7LL3 Includes free delivery Australia wide.

The LW Scientific Z4 Zoom Stereomicroscope is used by medical, veterinary and Industrial professionals.

The Z4 Zoom provides amazing 3-D depth of focus and clarity for application such as embryo transfer, dissection, dental lab QC, industrial inspection and electronics work.

Available in binocular and trinocular configurations with a multitude of inspection system options.

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BioVID-HD/SD. Includes free delivery Australia-wide.

The LW Scientific BioVID is now High Definition. With simple controls, compact design, and C-mount connection, it literally is ready right out of the box.

The BioVID-HD/SD has true 1280 x 720 resolution, increased sensitivity, low-noise, and great colour rendition - creating stunning, high resolution images with smooth live image display.

Whether in a large lecture hall, classroom, operating room or (hospital) lab, the BioVID-HD/SD offers exceptional features, ideal for a variety of applications in bright field, dark field, phase contrast, and even Epi-Fluorescence.

This lightweight and compact, but powerful, next generation of BioVID camera will certainly set a new industry standard.

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MiniVID-5.1MP-USB2-MVC-U5MP-EMTN Includes free delivery Australia-wide.

The LW Scientific BioVID is our best selling digital camera for microscopy. It can be mounted to nearly any brand or type of microscope, either into the eye-tube of a binocular microscope, or thread-mounted onto any trinocular C-mount.

The MiniVID is the perfect addition to any microscope for training techs, educating clients, or documenting for patient files and medical records.

The MiniVID attaches to any MAC or PC computer for excellent visualization and image capture. Includes drivers and software for still or motion (video) digital photography.

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