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Model/Variant: Z4M-BZM7-PA77   Description: Z4 Zoom Binocular On Pneumatic Flex Arm (LED Ring Light pictured above not included)

Z4 Zoom On Pneumatic Flex Arm Includes free delivery Australia-wide. Why you should buy from us.

The LW Scientific Z4 Zoom Stereo-microscope is a designed for medical, veterinary and industrial professionals. The Z4 Zoom is mounted on a Pneumatic Flex Arm. The zoom optics magnify from 3.5x to 45x with the included 10x eyepieces, producing excellent 3-D depth of focus required for applications such as dental lab QC, industrial inspection, and electronics.

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LW Scientific Z4 Zoom Binocular Head Mounted on Pneumatic Flex Arm. NB. Pictured above with LED Ring Light - NOT INCLUDED.

Z4 Binocular Head
0.5x Reducing Lens
Pneumatic Flex Arm
LED light not included

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Trinocular Model: Z4M-TZM7-PA77
LED Ring Light
Various Camera Options