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Portable Centrifuge Australia

See Portable Centrifuge Australia

GrayMed Australia offer great prices on the LW centrifuge line-up, including portable benchtop centrifuges. These portable centrifuges are made for professionals on the go. All of the portable centrifuges can be powered from any 12 Volt automobile cigarette outlet. A special car seat holder is also available. From the tiny ZIPocrit, through to the highly advanced C5 swing-out model, all your centrifuge requirements are covered with LW Scientific.

The ever popular ZIPocrit haematocrit micro centrifuge is the perfect choice for medical missionaries or field veterinarians. Powered by a 12 volt DC maintenance-free brushless motor, this unit can be operated from any vehicle with the addition of the 12V cigarette plug. It comes standard with AC power cord adapter for use in the surgery or laboratory. Spins hematocrits in about 5 minutes.

The Portafuge is the other LW Scientific offering with a reputation for spinning on the go. The new "USA" Portafuge (short for portable centrifuge) is now available in three configurations. They are, FIXED Speed, VARIABLE speed, and a DIGITAL model. All three models come standard with a car seat holder and a 12V cigarette plug which allows for spinning in the passenger seat of any automobile. All three models are fitted with an angled rotor capable of spinning 8 x 3ml to 15ml size tubes. All units are fitted with a 12 Volt DC maintenance free motor capable of spinning at up to 3500 RPM.

Just released is the new ZIPspin DIGITAL, packed with new user friendly features such as digital read out of time and speed, digital calibration, imbalance detection and last cycle run recall. Designed with robust construction and interchangeable 8 place and 16 place rotors, this unit is well suited for blood and urine separations, microfiltrations and DNA preparations. This small footprint micro centrifuge has quiet operation and weighs in at only 1.22 kilograms, making it perfect for any clinic or lab.

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