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LW-E8-USA Fixed, Variable, Digital

SKU E8C-U8AF-1503

E8 USA 8-Place 3-15ml Tube Benchtop Centrifuge. Includes free delivery Australia-wide. Why you should buy from us.

The 8-place LW Scientific E8 USA series centrifuge is designed to fit any budget. This unit accommodates most test tubes from 3ml - 15ml. The wide stance eliminates wobble, while the suction-cupped feet prevent slipping. The lid port allows easy viewing and tach-ing of specimens while in use. This model is loaded with features and improvements over its predecessor, such as higher speeds for faster and cleaner separations, quieter operation for peaceful work environments, lower chamber temperatures for cooler test-tube samples, shorter height to fit under any cabinet and auto-calibrating speed function for precision results. Choose the TOUCH model or the cheaper VARIABLE model for spinning blood, urine, fecals, semen and other fluids at the correct speeds for proper separations and clear results. A lower priced FIXED-speed model for spinning blood only is also available. See the video.

Model Selection Table
Model/Variant Code
Fixed 8-Place 3-15ml Tube Benchtop Centrifuge E8C-U8AF-1503
Variable 8-Place 3-15ml Tube Benchtop Centrifuge E8C-U8AV-1503
Touch 8-Place 3-15ml Tube Benchtop Centrifige E8C-U8AD-15TP





  • 3,500 rpm
  • Timer and lid safety shut-off switch
  • Auto-off 30-minute timer with bell
  • Maximum RCF=1,534 g


  • Economical choice for students or small labs
  • Digital speed and time setting
  • Accurate speeds for specific g-forces
  • Proper separations without cell damage
  • Quiet, vibration-free operation
  • Auto-brake stops the rotor in less than 30 seconds
  • Space-saving design
  • Lid safety switch


  • Angled head rotor
  • 8-tube capacity - 3ml to 15ml size tubes
  • 12 volt DC maintenance-free motor
  • Digital display time and speed
  • 110/220V auto-switching power adapter
  • Clear view port in lid for use of tachometer
  • Suction-cupped feet prevent slipping
  • Includes 8-place tube rotor, eight 15ml tube sleeves and eight 13x75mm tube sleeve inserts


  • 8-place tube rotor
  • 8 x 15ml (15mm x 105mm) tube sleeves
  • 8 x 13x75mm tube sleeves inserts.
  • Tube Size Min/Max: 10.25 x 65mm / 17 x 130mm

          E8 USA Specifications 

          E8 Instruction Manual 

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Contents and un-boxing pictures (Variable model depicted)