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LW 60 Bulb LED Ring Light. Includes free delivery Australia-wide. Why you should buy from us.

LED ring lights offer shadow-free cold illumination with super long life bulbs at a reduced cost. Long thumb screws allow for easy attachment to almost any brand of microscope. These LED models produce the most intense, focused illumination with 10,000 hour white LED bulbs. The 60 bulb LED ring light is variable and programmable for segmented quadrants to cast shadows when necessary.


  • Segmented quadrants for Shadowing
  • 60 bright white focused LED bulbs
  • 110v /220v auto switching
  • 1 amp fuse
  • Adjustable dimmer
  • Fits 30mm-60mm mount rings

Weight & Dimensions (Boxed)

  • Height: 50.8mm
  • Length: 228.6mm
  • Width: 203.2mm
  • Weight: 0.36kg

          60 Bulb LED Ring Light Brochure