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Model/Variant: CNP-TUB7-WAX7  Description: Critwax is sold as a pack/box of ten trays per unit

NB. Includes a $10.00 shipping fee for orders totaling less than $100.00.  Why you should buy from us.

Critwax is a capillary tube sealant that uses a heatless method for sealing any type of capillary tube. Critwax is a sigillum wax sealant that forms a leak-tight seal.

Press the tip of the capillary tube into the material and twist slightly. The resulting plug of wax bonds to the internal wall of the capillary tube to form an impermeable seal, against which the blood cannot pass under centrifugation. The plugged end of the loaded capillary tube can then be pushed into one of the paired storage receptacles designed to hold the prepared capillary tubes ready for loading in the micro haematocrit. The tubes are gripped firmly by the plastic locator receptacles and will not spill or detach if the tray is accidentaly knocked, tilted or inverted.

The holding tray has 24 numbered slots, enabling sample identification and storage of tube samples.

Each tray contains enough sealant for hundreds of tube plugs. Critwax is sold as a pack/box with 10 trays of sealant per unit.